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We are looking to expand on our content for The Bag of Loot in the coming year. If you have ideas for articles and nowhere to publish them look no further. There are no hard guidelines for subjects as long as it is Magic related. We are looking for casual or tournament, any format at all. Obviously the longer the better as long as you aren’t just droning on to fill sentences, a minimum of approximately 1500 words is required. Compensation for your writing will be offered in the form of store credit starting at $5 per submission and increasing based on length, frequency and readership. Send your articles, ideas or questions to and we will be in touch with you to either approve or edit your writing.


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Anthony Barbieri
Casandra Laneve
Dan Erickson
Daniel Clayton
Gerald Knight
Joshua Olsen
Kyle A Massa
Marc Olivier Plante
Norman Fried
Roy Anderson
Samuel Carrier
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