Theros Boosters Comments
Bruce Gray - July 6, 2014

Crack a pack MTG Theros with Bruce

Crack a pack MTG Theros by Bruce Gray -Casual Encounters   I have decided that I am going to try and put together a bit of new series here on Three Kings Loot called Crack a pack MTG with Bruce.  This... Read More
Dissolve FNM Promo art Comments
Three Kings Loot - April 6, 2014

Dissolve FNM Promo for June 2014

Dissolve FNM Promo for June 2014 Read More
True-Name Nemesis Comments
Eric Jeffrey Seltzer - November 22, 2013

Top cards for Legacy from Theros and Commander 2013

TOP NEW CARDS Ashen Rider – as an obvious upgrade to Angel of Despair this one finds it’s way into Reanimator.  Not only do you gain the effect both in and out it also exiles the permanent instead of... Read More
Star_Planeswalker_logo Comments
Three Kings Loot - October 4, 2013

Theros T-Shirts

These T-shirts are available on    Read More
Magmajet Comments
Eric Jeffrey Seltzer - September 30, 2013

Deck of the Day: Mono-Red aggro (Theros standard)

Mono-Red Aggro Philip Bertorelli 1st Place at StarCityGames Standard Open on 9/29/2013 Creatures (29) 4 Ash Zealot 4 Boros Reckoner 4 Burning-Tree Emissary 4 Chandra’s Phoenix 4 Fanatic of Mogis 4 Firefist Striker 1 Gore-House Chainwalker 4 Rakdos Cackler Lands (21) 21 Mountain Spells (10) 4 Lightning Strike 4 Magma Jet 2 Shock... Read More
Theros Event decks Comments
Three Kings Loot - September 26, 2013

Theros Event Deck Decklist

Inspiring Heroics Theros Event Deck Main Deck60 cards 4  Azorius Guildgate 1  Hallowed Fountain 5  Island 14  Plains 24 lands 2  Ascended Lawmage 2  Banisher Priest 3  Battlewise Hoplite 3  Dryad Militant 1  Fabled Hero 1  Frontline Medic 3  Hopeful Eidolon 2  Imposing Sovereign 1  Lavinia of the Tenth 3  Lyev Skyknight 1  New... Read More
Celestial Archon  Prerelease Promo Comments
Three Kings Loot - September 21, 2013

Theros Prerelease Info

Prerelease Events: September 21-22, 2013 Choose your Path (and get a Prerelease Pack): Here are the contents of each pack: Path of Honor: White – The Protector – Celestial Archon Path of Wisdom: Blue – The Philosopher – Shipbreaker... Read More


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