Conspiracy Booster Pack Comments
Bruce Gray - July 22, 2014

Crack a pack MTG Conspiracy with Bruce

Crack a pack MTG Conspiracy with Bruce By Bruce Gray – Casual Encounters Welcome back to another Crack a Pack with Bruce.  Over the last couple of weeks we’ve cracked a pack from each of the three sets of... Read More
Squirrel Token Cospiracy Comments
Three Kings Loot - June 5, 2014

Conspiracy Tokens

Conspiracy Tokens           Read More
Conspiracy Booster Pack Comments
Three Kings Loot - June 1, 2014

Conspiracy Drafting Video

(For the full Card Gallery) Conspiracy Drafting Video Video of various well-known individuals from the Magic Communithy drafting the new Conspiracy set that will be released on June 6th. WOtC gathered Marshall Sutcliff, Chris Kluwe, Kenji Egashira, Brian David-Marshall, David Williams,... Read More
Dimir Doppelganger Comments
Three Kings Loot - May 17, 2014

Conspiracy – Basandra Battle Seraph, Brago’s Favor, Dimir ...

I’ve fallen behind a little, but I love the new cards and can’t wait to see how the whole format plays out. (Full card gallery here)   Basandra, Battle Seraph- Wow! A 5 mana (3 colourless, a white and... Read More
Plea for Power Artwork Comments
Three Kings Loot - May 17, 2014

Conspiracy – Advantageous Proclamation, Cogwork Spy, Council Gua...

(See  full Card Gallery here)   Advantageous Proclamation- Ok, so here is where my expertise with this sort of draft set disappears and I am in full on guess mode.  This is the first example of a Conspiracy card... Read More
Squirrel Nest Comments
Three Kings Loot - May 16, 2014

Conspiracy- Squirrel Nest, Squirrel Token

Time to Go nuts! Squirrel tribal deck is back! (See  full Card Gallery here) Squirrel Nest– a 3 Mana (1 colourless and 2 green) for and enchant land aura that says Tap the enchanted land and put a 1/1... Read More
Marchesa, the Black Rose Artwork Comments
Three Kings Loot - May 15, 2014

Conspiracy – Marchesa the Black Rose, Selvala Explorer Returned,...

So, we had a number of new Conspiracy cards get spoiled (Full card gallery here) and they showcase a number of interesting new mechanics.  I’m not sure what to make of some of the stuff, but it would appear... Read More
Brago, King Eternal Artwork Comments
Three Kings Loot - April 28, 2014

Conspiracy – Brago, King Eternal

Brago, King Eternal Well, we have started to see the cards from Conspiracy trickle in and this guy looks pretty sweet! A 4 mana (a white, a blue and 2 colourless)  2/4 flying spirit that whenever it deals combat... Read More
Dack Fayden Comments
Three Kings Loot - April 21, 2014

Conspiracy – Dack Fayden – Planeswalker -Full

  So finally after all the stories and all the lore we get the elusive and illustrious Dack Fayden as a card to be printed in the upcoming Conspiracy set. Now while this is not a Standard legal set... Read More
Conspiracy Art 1 Comments
Three Kings Loot - February 13, 2014

Conspiracy – Card Gallery, Release notes and Artwork

Pick. Plot. Play. Experience a Magic format where the intrigues begin long before the first spells are cast! Revolutionary new abilities impact every part of the play experience, starting with the draft itself.   The first-ever multiplayer-focused booster set... Read More
Magister of Worth Comments
Three Kings Loot - February 3, 2014

Conspiracy spoiler – Magister of Worth, Cogwork Librarian

Conspiracy is a special set designed for multiplayer and to be drafted. Released sometime this summer. Read More


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