Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - February 24, 2021

RPG, Without the D, N, or D

Looking to expand your RPG library but not sure where to start? Lots of people talk about the dangers of other RPGs, whether they are boring, overdone, or just a rip-off of another, better game. Since D&D and Pathfinder... Read More
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - February 17, 2021

Vampire the Masquerade: The Villain’s Yearbook

Heard of Vampire the Masquerade, but you don’t know where to begin with it’s lore and story? Not sure how to roleplay some of the factions? The villains of Vampire the Masquerade range in variety and tactics, from royal... Read More
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - February 9, 2021

Showdown: Pathfinder 1st Edition. vs. 2nd Edition.

The Pathfinder RPG was introduced in 2009, taking the RPG world by storm. Many players were drawn to Pathfinder as an alternative to D&D 4th edition, which was criticized for being more of a combat strategy game instead of... Read More
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - February 3, 2021

Cyberpunk: The Villain’s Yearbook

Throughout sci-fi and fantasy media, the villains have often been heralded as some of the cleverest explorations of evil in popular fiction. In Cyberpunk, we find ourselves an eerily familiar world of corporate greed, power, and corruption, and the... Read More
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - January 26, 2021

Vampire The Masquerade: Quick Character Guide

Hidden in the dark corners of the world, the World of Darkness is alive and well. Vampires are everywhere, well hidden… at least, that is what they think. The Anarch governments are establishing their dominion all around the world,... Read More
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - January 22, 2021

Candlekeep Mysteries Release Notes

It’s time to dive into the upcoming release Candlekeep Mysteries for Dungeons and Dragons! This anthology of D&D adventures takes players between the levels of 1-16 on seventeen different encounters through the Forgotten Realms! Enjoy adventures in the library... Read More
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - January 19, 2021

Finding Your Next RPG Podcast

We’ve all been there before – you’re caught up on Critical Role, already re-listened to The Adventure Zone, and re-watched Gilear getting caught eating yogurt for the six hundredth time on Dimension 20. Where do you go now? Is... Read More


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